First Post!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

In which I lay out exactly what this blog aims to be

In my life I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve had thoughts that I wished I had shared to a wider audience than my head. But I’ve never really had the right medium for the task. There’s only so much pontificating you can do on your Facebook newsfeed before people just block you from their feed1. So really, this blog is driven by ego — I feel like what I think is worth sharing.

So what’s this blog going to contain? What do I think I know enough about to be worth reading? Well, basically there are a couple of things in my wheelhouse. I’ll be talking here about tech2, television, the NBA, and anything else in current events that I’m interested in. It’s quite eclectic but it’s what I’m into. I don’t actually intend for this blog to actually contain a lot of personal stuff — I feel like that’s more for a diary than anything else — but it is (eventually) going to be on my personal domain, so who knows?

This blog (and this site) will also to some extent be a little bit of a web development playground for me. As a software developer, I like to tinker, and there’s going to be plenty of that in this blog. So expect the layout, functionality, and features of this page to change pretty regularly. I’ve literally got a version number in the footer so you’ll know when things change. The goal is not to break any links past version 1.0.0, but we aren’t there yet, so don’t start bookmarking or sharing individual posts yet3.

So, yeah, that’s my dual mission statement and test post for the blog. There’s not much here yet, but I’m working on it. Check back here tomorrow and I’ll go over the Apple event on Tuesday for you.

  1. This isn’t a hypothetical. This has actually happened to me. 

  2. I should note that I work for Google. While I don’t speak on behalf of the company, I’m not really going to try to be unbiased here. 

  3. As if this post is going to viral, haha.